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      Quashi Vintage Surf Collection

      Quashi Vintage Surf Collection

      We are proud to bring back the much sought after Quashi International Surfing Brand as a part of our family.  Seeing as we are one big family and we all work together to bring forward the Rude Bwoy Brand we saw it fit to re-birth the Quashi surf brand! 

      Just do a simple search online for Jamaican surfing and you will see the growth that spurred from the works of the Quashi International brand alongside the Jamaican Surfing Association and our family at Jamnesia Surf Camp. 

      Go back in time and check out the vintage t shirts from Quashi and stay tuned for more designs in our future collections.


      Bringing back the Quashi classics!  from the owner of the brands own collection of his old T's!  get em while they last! 

      Select sizes available.